Personal References

Hard working individual who wants to improve his skill set at every opportunity through networking and subject learning. Ability to work through problems and deliver solutions through sound thinking and innovation. - Dave morris   Head Of Operations


I am the Managing Director of a Surrey based house builder that operates predominantly in the Borough of Elmbridge and south west and prime central London. I met Joshua initially in a professional capacity when as a representative of my landlords agent he attended the property to discuss our tenancy. It became readily apparent that Joshua was a very committed young professional who very diligently followed up on the relevant issues and continued to deal with us in a positive way. I subsequently met Joshua in a social environment and my view of him remained the same as he is a very charming and friendly individual. He strikes me as a very driven and ambitious young man who I'm sure will pursue his goals with determination.- Sean Burroughs    MD of Royalton Group - House Builder


Josh is one of the hardest working, most loyal, ambitious and totally reliable people I have had the pleasure of meeting, and is an honour to call him a friend. - Ian Mounfield   Head of European Sales & Marketing for US Treasury Bond.


Josh is an enthusiastic, driven young man whom I would hire immediately if I ever returned to work. - Clive Robinson (Retired)    Previously President CEO Combined Insurance In Europe, Asia/Pacific  


In the several years I have known Josh I’ve found him to be personable and engaging, impeccably attired and of good character. Josh is creative and determined to seeing every task through to a successful conclusion. A great asset to any organisation. - Brian Martin (Retired)    Chairman & CEO


Josh is one of a kind, he blends the traditionally juxtaposed banter and professionalism in a way that makes you can't help but love the guy. Josh wears his heart on his sleeve and puts 100% into anything that he does in life, be it work or personal endeavours. If I had to sum Josh up I would say that his main character traits are unquestionable magnetism, determination, grit, and most importantly the strong principles he lives by.- Aidan George   Account Manager


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