Extending in Leatherhead

New Globe Homes was recently appointed to develop a first  floor extension in Leatherhead. The attached plans and detailed specification provides a perfect indication of our capabilities.

1st floor extension - Adding a fourth bedroom

Single storey extension with pitch roof.

Trades Required On Site

  • Steel Works
  • Brick Works
  • Carpentry Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Plumbing Works
  • Decoratorion Works  (External Only)
  • Plastering Works
  • Scaffolding

Key Materials Required

  • 900 - 103mm facing bricks (Rudgewick)
  • 160 Blocks 100mm Thermalite Shield lighweight insulating block
  • 2 x Catnnics 1200 Span Catnic CG50/100 X 2
  • 1 x Concrete Stressed Lintel  850 Span 2NR Bourncrete P100
  • 1 x Timber Post (Lintel) 850 Span 100 x 100mm Softwood
  • 3 x Padstones 100 x 150mm x 75mm thick  x 2
  • 3 x 1 Tonne Builders Sand Bags
  • 24 Bags Cement
  • Flat Roof Insulation : GA4000 120mm celotex 10sqm
  • Flat Roof Insulation: GA4000 100mm celotex 10sqm
  • Flat Roof Insulation: GA4000 100mm celotex 10sqm
  • Outside Wall: Composite PL4000 Celotex Thermal Board 11 sqm
  • Floor Insulation: 100mm quilt sound insulation 12sqm
  • 2x6 Flat Roof Joists (2.7L X 2M W @400 ctrs) 2x6 15 Metres
  • 2x6 Timber Rafters 30 Metres
  • 2x6  Floor Joists 25 Metres
  • Timber Door Frame 762 Wide
  • 22mm chipboard Flooring 2.6 x 3.3 = 9sqm
  • Plaster Board Ceiling & Walls = 20sqm
  • Stud Wall Works: Timber 2x4  25 Metres
  • Stud Wall Works: PlasterBoard 12.5mm 10 sqm
  • Stud Wall Works: Insulation 100mm quilt 4sqm
  • Guttering 105mm pvc gutter: 7 Metres
  • Fascia Board with Dovetail or similar continuos fascia   > vent  22mm treated softwood fascia:  7 Metres
  • Restraint straps fixed to min. 3 No joists with noggings at strap partitions
  • Sofit Lining 6mm WBP PLY SOFIT LINING: 7 Metres
  • Skirting Board MDF 15 Metres
  • Architrave MDF 25 Metres
  • 12 x Rafter Trays @350mm Wide 12 Trays
  • 2 x 850 x 2050 Door Linings 580 x 2050
  • 2 x Doors - Standard Size
  • 2 x Door Latches
  • 2 x mortice locks & handles
  • 2 x sets door hinges
  • Wall Ties Stainless Steal
  • Polythene damp proof course
  • Dovetail RT450 RAFTER TRAYS
  • Plus Nails, Screws & Bolts & Any further materials that may be required.

Order Of Works

  • Commencement Building Inspection - Working with building control.
  • Site Set-up - Scaffolding, Polythene Sheets to protect Patio / garden path /. + Skips & Site Toilet.
  • Build Brickwork Shell & Structural work.
  • Complete roof as per agreed architects drawing.
  • Refit windows as per plans..
  • Knock through from existing bedroom and form new entrances to both bedrooms. Plus additional stud wall work for extended hallway.
  • 1st Fix Joinery as per plans.
  • 1st Fix Electrics & Plumbing as per plans.
  • Plaster-boarding and Skimming as per plans.
  • 2nd Fix Electrics & Plumbing as per plans.
  • 2nd fix joinery as per plans.
  • External Decoration.
  • Building Control & Site Clean Up

Key Area Of Works - Per Trade

  • Foundations & Inspections: Foundations inspection Dig Inspected by building control officer - Ensure foundations are sufficient for extra loading
  • Joshua Smith - Project Manager: Project managing the works undertaking all the organisation of the works & assisting tradesman throughout the project.
  • Steel Works:  Measure, Supply, fabricate, deliver & install the structural steel to the drawings provided for the roof.
  • Brick Works: To install Window on side, Form new window at back, block up existing window, to build shell & put steals in, Wall plates & pad stones. + Raise External Former- means of fire escape.
  • Carpentry Works: All Roof, Floor, Internal Wood Works = Joists, Rafters, Noggins, Stud Work, Doors, Skirting boards & Architraves.
  • Electrical Works: 3 x double Sockets, 1 Switch & 1 single light. 4-pin CFL lOW EVERGY LIGHT FITTING IN LAMPHOLDER - Luminous efficiency greater that 45 lumens per circuit-watt and a total output greater that 400lamp lumens. Wall light fitting or external bulkhead light fitting with 4-pin CFL low energy lamp or light fitting with PIR daylight detector. Mains operated smoke detector to BS 5839: Part 1 interconnected and wired to separate fused circuit at distribution board.Main operated heat detector.
  • Plumbing Works: Install 400 x 300 Radiator. 
  • Roofing Works: Supply 7 Fit new breathable felt underlay to new rafters, battens, lay second hand tiles, ridge tiles, lay fibre galss roof * form outlets with code 5 lead. (500 Roof tiles) + Fitting Sofit & Fascia Boards
  • Double Glazing Windows: Supply & fit 1200 x 1200 window, casement int - white, 1300mm: 150mm std.cill - white, 325mm:heavy outer frame, 4000 slot vent - white, egress hinge, shoot bolt casement lock, 542x1075 2/20/4 clear-pilk K, 447X979 4/20/4 CLEAR-PILK K (x2 windows)
  • Skip Hire x  4 10 Yard Skip
  • Scaffolding: Supply and erect scaffolding to the rear two storey extension in Leatherhead, to enable access to build the second storey and roof, with an adaption for decoration of brickwork and allowing for scaffold access to the new first floor window.
  • Plastering Works: Dot & Dab Walls - Dry lining & Skim + Making good damage in 3rd bedroom from blocked up window + Plaster board & Skim stud works.
Posted: 22.11.2016
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